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All life on our planet Earth originated in the waters of the primordial oceans, and water continues to play an essential role in our lives today.


We can go for a month without food, but we can live for only two or three days without water.


Water carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells and transports toxins out of the body.



With October the much loved NYC architecture and design festival Archtober has arrived! We are very happy to announce that this year we are partnering with them and Louis Kahn Estonia Foundation for a full day of Louis Kahn 120 Celebration events on Saturday, October 16!


1. Conversation with Louis Kahn's student Charles Dagit starts the day at noon at ASF + Scandinavia House on Park Avenue.


2. We continue with the world premier of Maria Faust's MO(NU)MENT at 3PM in Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park.

Lake Võrtsjärv fishermen will likely have to stop eel fishing


The historic abundance of eels in Europe has dec-reased by more than 90 percent and different measures are implemented to protect the endangered fish with no clear solution in sight.


Lake Võrtsjärve fishermen will likely have to find a new source of income in the next decade.


Eel fishing could be subject to a complete ban in Europe soon, daily Sakala newspaper reported on October 6.

Friday, Oct. 15th at 5PM
TCL Chinese 6 Theatres Hollywood, CA

When children are left at Grandma's without smartphones they’re bored to tears.


That is until Granny finds them loads to do.


Jaanika Peerna, Terttu Uibopuu and Eva-Mari Liimets, the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs at the opening.


The official opening of the “un/mute” physical exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York was on September 23.

Estonia and Lithuania are proud to have been the ones who planted the seed for the idea of un/mute projects in the spring of 2020.


We’re super excited to announce the New York Baltic Film Festival 2021 Opening Night Film: “Good-bye Soviet Union” (“Hüvasti, NSVL”, dir. Lauri Randla, Estonia-Finland, 2020), an East Coast premiere!

“Goodbye Soviet Union” follows the life and misadventures of Johannes and his eccentric Ingrian-Finnish family in the waning days of the Estonian Soviet Republic – from their idyllic hometown with a top-secret uranium factory, to the capital city of Tallinn pulsating with the spirit of independence.

“We’re giving our heart to you.”



Front of Baltimore Estonian House after rebuilding from a fire in 1968.


Update #112

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about the fundraising that has been done for KESKUS so far, is that it isn’t just Torontonians or even Canadians who have felt called to support the building of the new International Estonian Centre, but people from all over the globe.


Donations have come from near and far, building a sense of community that transcends where we are geographically in the world.

One of the more poignant donations to KESKUS comes from the Estonian community in Baltimore, Maryland. 


They are the most recent Kalevipoja Laud level donors, contributing US$100,000 from the proceeds of sale of their own Estonian House.

Successful Arts Weekend at NY Estonian House Visited by Foreign Minister

Not wanting to wait any longer for the next New York Estonian Culture Days, which were cancelled due to the pandemic, executive board members of The Foundation for Estonian Arts and Letters, Inc. decided to organize a more compact event of shorter duration entitled "Apart, but together, creatively". 


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